The J.Nicole Skin Transformation | What to Expect from our products | Side effects

The J.Nicole Skin Transformation  |  What to Expect from our products

The Face Serum contains Bio-Hybrid Technological ingredients that replace 7 products. These ingredients are designed to transform the skin.  Total transformation to healthy skin can take 2 weeks up to 3 months depending on the condition of your skin. The J.Nicole Skin transformation has 4 stages:

Stage 1 Refine: The Hybrid AHA’s will exfoliate the skin to slough off dead skin cells and allow the other ingredients to penetrate.  This stage will vary from person to person depending on how much dead skin you have laying around and glued together on the surface.  This stage can also bring things to the surface. You know the old saying is still true:  “out with the old, in with the new.”  A few breakouts may surface, that is completely normal and will be destroyed with continued use.  

Stage 2 Correct: The Hybrid AHA’s will continue to refine and renew dead cells pathing the way for fresh new cells with the Retinol and Vitamin Hybrids.  (Lactic acid and Azelaic acid are the purest, gentlest and highest moisturizing forms of AHA that are compatible with all skin types especially sensitive skin) 

The Hybrid Retinol’s will release into the skin smoothing the cells underneath, correcting and killing acne cells and forming new baby cells . There are two retinol's- one is an organic hybrid from plants, the other is a encapsulated retinol that has a time release, stays below the skin for a long period of time, releasing slower, for a longer lasting renewal process that penetrates the epidermal barrier and delivers bio-technological ingredients to treat skin disorders. 

The Hybrid Vitamin complex consisting of B3 and B5 focuses on correcting and stabilizing the melanocytes.  Melanocytes are the reactive skin cells that are there to protect by  producing melanin (brown spots | age spots.)  Melanocytes communicate with LC (allergic response cells)  The more damage you have here, the more sensitive you are.  Your cells can’t communicate properly and cells begin to produce brown spots, inflammation, itchy, redspots, and blotchiness. The b3 and b5 in conjunction with the Retinol and aha will correct and stabilize these cells to allow better communication so the sensitivity subsides.  

Stage 3 Repair: The hydrophilic “water loving” hybrid moisturizers will create a barrier on the surface of the skin forcing the skin to produce its own moisture, balancing the cells and feeding them the proper nutrients that they need without the interference of cell miscommunication and all that irrelevant puss and inflammation and brown spots that it use to create.  It is a smooth road from here,  literally.  You are creating a clean slate, a smooth path from the dermis to the epidermis.  No more freak outs when the cells communicate. Your skin begins to function normally :) 

Stage 4 Maintain:  Happy, healthy, baby, fresh skin cells in only 2 steps.  Your skin has learned how to maintain homeostasis just as it did when you were a baby.  Maintain this look  with your Soli cleanser and Soli serum for a healthy 2 step lifestyle.  Your Welcome. 


EYES AND LIPS - Other areas J.Nicole is good for:  Use a half a pump of J.Nicole and dab on eye and lip area to plump, brighten dark circles and smooth lines and wrinkles. 

Common Side Effects you may experience using The Face Serum and our products:


My skin itches! This is a normal reaction when ingredients penetrate the skin that is the skins way of saying “something is entering!  We are not use to this! What is happening!  What’s happening is completely normal and you will adjust just take it slow if it scare you. You need to clear the pathway of all that itchy dead skin and bacteria and the itching will stop.  

My skin is red! This is normal, we call this flushing or hot spots.  The skin will rush blood to the area in order to heal the skin.  This is a good thing, you will heal the damaged skin in the dermis/ epidermis and grow new cells.  ( same as exercising, your skin gets a little red sometimes and then it goes away) You are renewing/ energizing cells. We call it exercise for your skin. 

My skin is flaking! I am so glad that it is.  Think about how much dead skin is on your skin. No one wants a flakey mess, its embarrassing and your make up looks like a cake.  So continue using the bio-hybrid ingredients and get the flakes off!  If you didn’t wait so long to start using AHA and retinol than it wouldn’t be taking this long to get the flakes off. geez. 

I have acne!  Well don’t act like I put the acne there! Seriously, you act like you have never had a zit! really?  You know you had that brewing inside your skin for years whether hormones, stress, toxins, sun damage, or your boyfriend caused those zits to begin with.  They never went away because you never killed them. They just reproduce and resurface when they feel like it.  The Face Serum can  bring them out, we like to bring them right out on the table and kill them / squash them for good and never turn back.  Then we send in our Hybrid Technology to grow new baby cells… oh and while we are down there we zap the wrinkles too. Your cells have a 30 day cycle, sometimes longer, so some zits may take that full cycle to be destroyed.  If you can put up with 2 weeks of a period zit outbreak, you can deal with a few little zits while the Face Serum destroys them.  

My skin is dry! drink more water. If the hybrid water loving molecules are not enough moisture for you, add and oil.  Your skin will adjust as the PH adjusts to where it should be and in conjunction with the hybrid moisturizer’s, your skin will begin moisturizing itself.  Homeostasis | Balance | Hydration | Renewing skin is what J.Nicole is about. 

Be patient, enjoy the J.Nicole Skin Transformation.  This is the best kept secret.  For those who give up and get scared of a little flakiness or redness in the beginning I am so sorry to you . Seriously, nobody enjoys a skin complainer.  Stop jumping around brand to brand, and stick with J.Nicole, it works.   For those who stick it out, join the club, where no one can guess your age. Flawless, beautiful, balanced, baby-smooth, fresh and sunflower perfect.  That is J.Nicole Skin. 

And don’t forget to wear sunscreen.  You wouldn’t let your baby out without sunscreen would you?  You complain you want baby soft skin, now you have it. Protect yourself. 

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