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The J.Nicole Skin Transformation | What to Expect from our products | Side effects

The J.Nicole Skin Transformation  |  What to Expect from our products | Side effects

J.Nicole, A Fearless, Beautiful and Powerful Beauty Brand

There is only One you! Be wild, be free, be you!

What to Expect from our products, Side effects, The Skin Transformation

Bio-Hybrid Technology ® formulas are designed to transform the skin. 

Total skin transformation can take 2 weeks up to several months depending on the condition of your skin. 

 The Bio-Hybrid ® Skin Transformation:

Exfoliate and Refine: The clarifying bio-hybrid plant AHA’s exfoliates the skin by sloughing off dead skin cells, restores skin radiance and aids in other ingredients to penetrate the skin. This will vary from person to person depending on the skin’s PH and how much dead skin is glued together on the epidermis.  The refine stage can also bring things to the surface of the epidermis, which is completely normal and will subside with continued use. “Out with the old, in with the new.” The bio-based hybrid AHA’s are compatible with all skin types, especially sensitive skin. 

Renew and Smooth: As the hybrid AHA’s continue to renew dead skin cells and pathe the way for fresh new cells, the Hybrid time-release Retinol’s smooth skin cells, fight acne cells, energize collagen cells for a controlled delivery of the bio-technological ingredients to help skin disorders, sensitivities, lines and wrinkles and perfectly preps the skin for makeup or additional layering products.

Brighten and Plump: The Hybrid Vitamin complex of vitamin B3 and B5 focuses on stabilizing the melanocytes that create age-spots.  Melanocytes are the “reactive” skin cells that protect the skin by producing melanin “brown spots”.  Melanocytes communicate with LC “allergic response cells”.  Damage within these cells causes sensitivity.  Damaged cells can’t communicate properly and cells begin to produce brown spots, inflammation, itchiness, red spots, and blotchiness. Our Hybrid vitamins and Retinol’s will help stabilize these cells to allow better communication so that the skin’s sensitivity subsides, skin tone is energized, firmness increases, spots are reduced,  & the youthful look and feel of radiance is created *can cause an initial “flushing” for beginners, which is normal, it increases blood flow to correct damaged skin cells. 

Hydrate: Our “water loving” Hybrid moisturizers binds water molecules in the skin by normalizing skin’s moisture levels, increasing water retention, feeding them the proper nutrients that they need without the interference of cell miscommunication inflammation and brown spots. Your skin now should experience homeostasis.  

Repair and Soothe our Bio-Fermented Polysaccharides Moisturizer/ hyaluronic acid similar ingredients soothe reactive skin, with anti-microbial & anti-inflammatory properties to calm Inflamm-aging, reduce redness & irritation to feel more soothed, calm & balanced. Our Bakuchiol Antioxidant delivers anti-aging, anti-inflam-aging & antibacterial benefits, helping psoriasis, acne, fungal & bacterial infections, UV sensitivity, and helps to revitalize cells and finishes with a dewy, youthful & healthy glow.

Maintain this look with your 2 step, All-In-One, Bio-Hybrid ® skincare formula’s.

EYES AND LIPS - Other areas J.Nicole ® is good for:  

Use a half a pump of The J.Nicole ® Bio-Hybrid ® Face Serum,  dab on the eye and lip area to plump and brighten dark circles and smooth lines and wrinkles. 

Common Side Effects you may experience using J.Nicole ® products: 

My skin itches! This is a normal reaction. When ingredients penetrate the skin, this is the skin’s way of saying “something is entering!”  or “We are not use to this! “ or “What is happening!”  This is completely normal, your skin will adjust and the side effects will stop when all the cells have completed the refine cycle.  

My skin is red! This is normal, we call this “flushing” or “hot spots”.  The skin will rush blood to the damaged area of the skin in order to heal the skin.  (same as exercising, your skin gets a little red sometimes and then it goes away) You are renewing/ energizing cells. We call it exercise for your skin. 

My skin is flaking! As skin cells renew, the old skin cells will surface and the hybrid AHA’s will exfoliate these old skin cells.  

I have acne!  The Bio-Hybrid® Face Serum can bring zits out. As the cells renew, the old cells migrate to the surface to be cleared off of the epidermis.  This side effect will subside after the cells complete the renew cycle.  Skin cells have an average of 30 days and some zits may take 30 days or longer to be cleared.

My skin is dry!. If the hybrid water loving ingredients are not enough moisture, drink more water, or feel free to add a step 3 and or an oil.  Your skin will adjust as the PH adjusts using the hybrid moisturizers and your skin will begin moisturizing itself.  You can also visit your favorite esthetician for a facial.  Facial  treatments will complement any of the J.Nicole Products. 

Don’t forget to wear sunscreen.   Protect yourself and your skin.

J.Nicole® A Fearless, Beautiful and Powerful Beauty Brand

There is only One you, be wild, be free, be you

J.Nicole® is Effortless beauty on the go, so you can be Beautiful, Dynamic, Bold, Confident and focus on conquering the world!

We believe you should feel comfortable in your own skin. 

We don’t believe in apologizing for who you are.

We exist to empower you and to help you feel confident about going after your dreams.

We believe you should rise up to the challenges in life and not feel like you ever need to shrink back.

We want you to feel fearless and beautiful everyday. We want you to stand in the sunlight and feel powerful enough to bare both your skin and your soul.

We believe all shades of uniqueness are beautiful. 

There is only one you. So go ahead and be wildly, beautifully you!


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