J.Nicole Overdose Face Serum

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The First ALL IN ONE Face Serum powered by Bio-Hybrid Sunflower Technology. This Breakthrough Skin Serum works on all aspects of your skin: Aging, Breakouts, Uneven Skin tone, Hydration and Overall Skin Appearance –An ALL-IN-ONE fix- in JUST ONE DOSE. We breed our sunflowers with a secret flower that is “high” on oleic acid creating 99% pure Azelaic acid.

Powerful Retinol, Hybrid AHA'S , Hydrating Moisturizers and Vitamins deliver immediate and long-term effects feeding your skin what it needs for balanced health with no downtime and no side effects. In addition to improving skin’s firmness, texture, tone, clarity, this DEWY hybrid formula helps visibly reduce lines, wrinkles by nourishing, soothing minimizing pores, while combating allergens and inflammation, leaving your skin bright, energized and youthful again. It is about time someone figured it out. 

 Jnicole brings science, technology, and naturals together in skin care to create multifunctional benefits. Overdose Face Serum “high on oleic acid” contains a patent pending skin technology system designed to create a healthy addiction to clear, bright, youthfully exhilarated skin that minimizes time and maximizes results. It is as Easy as 1, 2

Just Cleanse and apply J.Nicole Overdose Face Serum. Easy as 1,2 



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