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How Bio-hybrid technology works 

OVERDOSE™ Face Serum by J. NICOLE™ crushes all misconceptions about skin care. This new Hybrid breakthrough skin technology uses peptide chains to combine Stylenol Vitamin A, Retinol Vitamin A, AHA Lactic Acid and Azelaic Acid combined with another peptide chain of polysaccharide liposomal moisturizing ingredient (hyaluranic acid) Vitamin B3 and Vitamin B5 for anti-aging, skin refining, brightening and calming, plumping and revitalizing results.  Combining all those ingredients into one would normally set the skin into defense mode! This is why we add our Hybrid Sunflowers. Our Sunflowers are "high" on oleic acid which will stop the defense reaction of the skin allowing the ingredients to penetrate without irritation. 

Our patent pending Bio-Hybrid Technology hybrids skincare ingredients together into ONE product instead of 6 SEPARATE products. This technology works on all aspects of your skin:  Aging, Breakouts, Uneven Skin Tone, Hydration and overall Skin Appearance –  all in ONE DOSE!

After one dose, you will experience immediate softness, subtleness, and firmness, and relief for your reactive skin.  After continued use, you will see a difference in texture, brightness, lines, wrinkles, acne and overall skin appearance.

Bio- hybrid technology in Overdose Face Serum performs best after step 1, A Cleanser of your choice, we recommend (Moon Soap Cleanser ) Moon soap cleanser's powerful organic antioxidants, skin brightening essential oils, nourishing fatty acids and detoxifying moon powder to remove dirt, oil and impurities ending with a perfect ph glow that prepares the skin for step 2 :Overdose Face Serum.