The J.Nicole Difference

Skin care lines are designed to work best when you use all of the products in the system. But few people can afford to consistently pay top dollar for or have time for all these products, so they pick and choose which products to continue using and their healthy skin starts to lose its clarity and radiance and begins to "age."

Seeing this in my medical spa's motivated me to find a way to combine the six essential elements of a healthy skin care system into ONE anti-aging product. I was told it couldn’t be done by other experts so I thought,  Really? Watch this!!

Our skin’s main job is to keep bad “stuff” out and the more product we slather on our skin at once, the more resistant it is and the less it absorbs. So the question wasn’t whether I could combine all six essential elements. I COULD. The question was, How can I encourage skin to absorb a six-in-one formula without irritation and most importantly not overdosing on so many skin care products!?

I invented Bio-hybrid Technology using a sunflower that’s so high on oleic acid it entices your skin to drink every drop of the six-in-one cocktail! 

Bringing science, technology, and naturals together in one skin care product creates multifunctional benefits. Overdose Face Serum “high on oleic acid”  creates  a healthy addiction to clear, bright, youthfully exhilarated skin that minimizes time and maximizes results. Used in conjunction with Moon soap facial bar, this is the first technological beauty breakthrough, 2-step skin care system!

The J.Nicole Brand takes the 'Complicated" out of skin care by combining all the ingredients your skin craves into just 2-steps. 1. Cleanser of your choice or J.Nicole Moon Soap Cleansing bar 2. Overdose face Serum.=  2 simple steps for balanced healthy skin.