For over 40 years J.Nicole has battled with skin allergies. The continued effects of allergens has serious impacts on her skin, her life and overall health.  Determined to find a cure for skin allergies,  J.Nicole opened her first medical skincare practice in 1999 in Pickerington, Ohio, where she began helping others with similar ‘problem’ skin conditions as her own. After which, she expanded to Santa Monica, California, where she opened a manufacturing skincare laboratory. J.Nicole studied numerous chemistry programs over the years and has trained with respected doctors medical spa industry. She is the inventor of 3 patent -pending compositions. A hybrid cosmetic chemical composition, a pharmaceutical chemical composition and a blood molecule.

J.Nicole's Bio- Hybrid Technology is fast, affordable, and effective for skincare treatments. One of the exciting benefits of this technology is it’s ability to calm skin allergies. There are over 50 million people that experience skin allergies per year and consumers purchase an average of 4-5 products to desperately find relief for their allergies. 

J.Nicole hybrids bio-technological ingredients into a 2-step skin system by optimizing resources to reduce waste, time and money, as well as, providing fast, effective results, to improve human health physically, socially and economically. Creating a new technology and category in skincare is not easy. For J.Nicole, innovation in the beauty and skincare industry is a top priority.  In order to provide consumers with the latest trends, it takes a woman with strong attributes to propel this invention to the next level.  J.Nicole's drive, determination and passion allows her to perservere to the top of the beauty industry.  The creation of Bio-Hybrid Technology will now simplify the skincare routine and create a more sustainable option in beauty.

J.Nicole is an expert with skin inside and out.  She understands how chemicals and ingredients communicate with the skin’s cells for fast effective results.  J.Nicole is Fearless,smart, innovative and results driven, providing customers with luxury, fast and affordable Bio-Hybrid® skin systems.  J.Nicole understands science and the effects of ingredients on the skin. J.Nicole is a movement of Bio-Hybrid® skincare for the active-lifestyle consumer that demands results without having to use 10 products to get there.  Bio-Hybrid Skincare is sexy, hybrid and easy. Looking beautiful without having to cover up your face is now affordable and achievable thanks to Bio-Hybrid Technology® and perfect for makeup wearers or non makeup wearers.  J.Nicole thrives on perfect, yet simple beauty, “The way that you feel in your skin can affect the way that you live your life.” Our technology innovates skincare by using bio-hybrid® ingredients to create functional skincare that helps you perform your to your ultimate potential. 

J.Nicole currently has 3 products available and is expected to release a full line of over 40 products within the next 2 years. 

Brand Mission:

We believe you should feel comfortable in your own skin. We don’t believe in apologizing for who you are.  We believe you should rise up to the challenges in life and not feel like you ever need to shrink back. We want you to feel fearless and beautiful everyday. We want you to stand in the sunlight and feel powerful enough to bare both your skin and your soul. We believe all shades of uniqueness are beautiful. There is only one you. So go ahead and be wildly, beautiful you.


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