Everything Your Skin Craves.
Only One Daily Dose.


Achieve Incredible Looking Skin Without The Complicated Routine

Overdose uses patent-pending bio-hybrid technology to combine six separate skin care products into one easy to use formula. Our unique serum formula utilizes the high oleic acid found within specially-bred hybrid sunflowers, delivering a super-saturated boost of skin care essentials deep into your skin without any irritation. Simply use Overdose once a day after cleansing for instantly clearer, brighter, and youthful skin.


"Always behind the lens of the camera, I know exactly what great skin means. I'm in love with the Overdose! My complexion is soft and glowing, something I haven't been able to achieve on my own. It's the answer to the perfect skin I've been searching for and now is the essential key in my daily skincare regimen!"

Diana M, Owner at DM Adaptations

"As a swim coach who has spent the last 24 years in the sun, my skin has been through a lot. I have dark spots, sun damage, and lines. Since starting Overdose, my skin has never looked and felt better. The dark areas are almost gone. I have had zero blemishes and the most even skin tone I've had in years!  I cannot imagine not using this product in the future!"

Ani G

"I've always battled with not so great skin. I was skeptical because I pretty much tried everything. Wow, was I wrong. My rosacea is gone and in its place I have soft, smooth, redness free skin. My face is brighter and surprisingly younger and fresher looking. If you've tried everything and simply given up, try Overdose; you won't be disappointed!"

Yvette Wiseland

The One Dose Skincare Solution

AHA Exfoliator 99% Azelaic Acid

Restores skin’s radiance and minimizes dark spots

AHA Exfoliator Latic Acid

Reduces fine lines wrinkles, and enlarged pores, corrects irregular pigmentation, and hydrates skin

Antioxidant Vitamin B3

Reduces irregular pigmentation and promotes youthful and radiant skin

Antioxidant Bakuchiol (Sytenol-A)

Refines skin texture, revitalizes cells, and leaves skin with a dewy, healthy glow

Antioxidant Pro-Vitamin B5

Increases skin’s water retention + instantly smoothes fine lines and signs of ageing

Bio-Fermented Polysaccharides

Prevents inflammation, reduces redness and irritation, and balances skin tone

Antioxidant Vitamin A Retinol

Smooths, plumps, and brightens skin while reducing fine lines and wrinkles

Completely free of all parabens, preservatives, sulfates, and phthalates

Inspired by twenty years of medi-spa insights

A skincare routine you can finally commit to

"If you've tried everything and simply given up, try Overdose; you won't be disappointed!"