About J.Nicole Skincare®

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J.Nicole® is the inventor of Bio-Hybrid Technology™. Her mission is to provide social, environmental, and economical benefits, protecting and improving the quality of life and the environment through its’ whole life cycle; from extraction of raw materials to final disposal.  J.Nicole® disrupts what is considered “sustainable” in the cosmetic, beauty industry by utilizing desired results from “traditional” ingredients and unifying them with hybrid ingredients for an accelerated, bio-hybrid ™ result.


J.Nicole® is identified as the new bio-hybrid™ science company that understands the interactions of the skin’s cell’s and overall system functions by incorporating innovation, technology, naturals, organics, and environmentally cautious factors into her hybrid-cosmetic formulations..  Bio-Hybrid Technology™ is being utilized for a variety of purposes in our eco-system creating happiness and youthfulness, while reducing waste, cost of product, and allowing cosmetics to be more economically viable for consumers. By contributing innovation and performance into her formulations, J.Nicole® replaces 6 individual products with One Bio-Hybrid™ product.

J.Nicole® = Environmentally Friendly + Eco Friendly + Cruelty Free + Bio-Hybrid™ + Cost Effective + Results Driven + Beautiful Results

As customers are concerned with the impact of the environment and a more stressful lifestyle, the need for innovative, natural and organic skincare with less ingredients and less packaging is a priority. J.Nicole® focuses on the future of skincare, innovation, society and the environment. J.Nicole® skincare is based on science and innovation, creating less steps and more effective ingredients. J.Nicole® was created to boost sustainability focusing on innovative, technological, bio-hybrid, multitasking ingredients. 

J.Nicole® takes its' impact on the planet very seriously and wants to minimize their carbon footprint as much as possible.  By creating bio-hybrid technological ingredients, J.Nicole® reduces resource use-age, packaging waste, and their operational logistics are more efficient. 

J.Nicole® takes beauty to the New “Bio-Hybrid™". Your Welcome.