About J.Nicole Skincare ®

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As a Med-Spa owner, I watched my customers suffer from multiple skin problems and complicated skincare routines for over 20 years. My customers were busy and demanded quick and effective results with their skin. As much as my customers hated to purchase 7 products, I hated to prescribe 7 products to them. Their skincare routines were time consuming and complicated. One product would always run out before the other product, one product would cause irritation or allergic reactions, it was hard for them to remember which product to use and in which order to use it, or the products would cost too much money and they could not purchase the full skincare routine and therefor, they would never achieve their desired result. It was then that I saw the need for a multi-tasking and innovative skincare solution.  I knew that I had to invent a better skin solution that would work fast and provide results without having to use 7 different products to get there. 

Looking beautiful and forever young is one of societies greatest challenges and consumers today do not have the time or the money to spend on complicated skincare routines that do not work. In some cases,  using multiple skincare products can even make your skin worse.  After all, your skin's main objective is to keep things out and over doing it could create a problem or a skin reaction. 

With my understanding of the skin, cells, and systems, combined with science, technology and the environment,  J.Nicole Skincare ® brings skincare to the new Bio-Hybrid.  With Bio-Hybrid Technology ®, skincare is now only 2-steps and provides a faster, more effective result in less time and less money spent. 

J.Nicole focuses on innovation, technology, as well as, the society and the environment to reduce waste, logistics, time and money to create a better well-being in the skincare industry by allowing skincare routines to be more efficient, effective and economically viable.  

Meet J.Nicole ®, The first skincare routine you can (really) commit to