About J.Nicole Skincare ®

"The way that you feel in your skin affects the way that you live your life”. -J.Nicole

I am proud to be a part of the FFC, where women are supporting women and have a culture that is built on confidence, trust, and respect. J.Nicole’s purpose is to empower women to feel confident about themselves, their skin and their business.

Women today are busy shaping the future,  J.Nicole focuses on the functionality of skincare so that women can perform with their best face and feel confident as they succeed in their goals and go after your dreams.

Be fearless and beautiful everyday. 

There is only one you. So go ahead and be wildly, beautifully you.

- J.Nicole

Don't hide behind your multiple-step skincare routine when you can look good in just 2 steps!

J.Nicole's Multi-tasking bio-hybrid formula's work to improve your skin’s overall appearance by hydrating, firming, smoothing, regenerating and calming reactive skin, while visibly reducing signs of aging, blemishes and uneven skin tone.

As a Med-Spa owner, I watched my customers suffer from multiple skin problems and complicated skincare routines for over 20 years. My customers were busy and demanded quick and effective results with their skin. As much as my customers hated to purchase 7 products, I hated to prescribe 7 products to them. Their skincare routines were ridiculous, time consuming and complicated. One product would always run out before the other product, one product would cause irritation or an allergic reaction, it was hard for them to remember which product to use and in which order to use it, or the products would cost too much money and they could not purchase the full skincare routine and therefor, they would never achieve their desired result. It was then that I saw the need for a multi-tasking and innovative skincare solution. I knew that I had to invent a better skin solution that would work fast and provide results without having to use 7 -10 different products to get there.

Looking beautiful and forever young is one of societies greatest challenges and consumers today do not have the time or the money to spend on complicated skincare routines that do not work. In some cases, using multiple skincare products can even make your skin worse.  After all, your skin's main objective is to keep things out and over doing it could create a problem or a skin reaction.

By incorporating our patent pending Bio-Hybrid Technology ® into our skincare, consumers can now choose products with a knowledge of bio-hybrid materials sourced from origins like never before that reach the highest levels of effectiveness with less steps, less waste and less money spent.

Meet J.Nicole ®, The first skincare routine you can (really) commit to.

There is only one you. So go ahead and be wildly, beautiful you!