J.Nicole's Commitment to Sustainability

j.Nicole Anti-aging Skincare Products

Sustainable Products

Saves Money! 

$99 per month for 2-step skincare, saving the customer $500-$1000 per month.

Saves Time 

2 SIMPLE STEPS Takes the “complicated” out of skin care routines and does the multi-tasking for you.

Eco Friendly

Less waste, less logistics, less product, 100% recyclable

Faster Results 

BIO-HYBRID TECHNOLOGY® has a time release ingredient delivery for faster results. Perfect for daily routines and also treats Atopic Dermatitis, rosacea, eczema, acne, allergic and aggravated skin conditions.

Our commitment to sustainability begins with science, protecting and improving the quality of life and the environment through its’ whole life cycle. We focus on the future, innovation, society and the environment. As customers are concerned with the impact of the environment and a more stressful lifestyle, the need for innovative, natural and organic skincare with less ingredients and less packaging is a priority.

Our skincare is based on science, innovation, less steps and more effective ingredients. Our product was created to boost sustainability and put the focus on innovative, technological, bio-hybrid, multitasking ingredients. We take our impact on the planet very seriously and want to minimize our carbon footprint as much as possible.  By creating bio-hybrid technological ingredients, we are reducing resource use-age, packaging waste and our logistics and operations are more efficient.  Bio-hybrid technological ingredients are utilized for a variety of purposes in life and the environment. Bio-Hybrid Technology® creates physiological and physical well-being, reduces waste, money, and allows skin care routines to be more economically viable.


Here is a look at our manufacturing facility: