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A little bit about Bio-Hybrid Technology ®

A little bit about Bio-Hybrid Technology ®

Our patent pending Bio-Hybrid Technology ® allows us to combine seven products into one bottle so just one dose works on all aspects of your skin:  aging, breakouts, uneven skin tone, hydration, and overall skin appearance.

With our understanding of the interactions of the skin’s cell’s and overall skin system functions, Bio-Hybrid Technology  ® integrates science and technology to improve and evolve the skin care system into 2-Steps for a faster, more effective, multitasking, hybrid, anti-aging, and overall wellness beauty result.  Bio-Hybrid Technological  ® ingredients use "desired" characteristics and result from plant ingredients and breed them with other "traditional" ingredients to make bio-hybrid ® - accelerated, anti-aging results. We do this by replacing seven, traditionally separate ingredients, (or 12 if you are using k-beauty) formulations in cosmetics and integrating bio-hybrid technological ® cosmetic formulations into one formula.

After one dose, you will experience immediate softness, subtleness, firmness, and sweet relief for your reactive skin. After continued use, you’ll see a difference in texture, brightness, lines, wrinkles, acne, and overall skin appearance.

Bio-Hybrid Technology ®  in J. Nicole ® Overdose Face Serum performs best after cleansing your skin with Moon Soap's powerful organic antioxidants, skin brightening essential oils, nourishing fatty acids and detoxifying clay powder to remove dirt, oil, and impurities. The Soap by J. Nicole ® balances your skin’s pH, giving you a healthy glow and preparing your skin for J. Nicole ® Overdose Face Serum.


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