Sun Exposure, Skin Damage, Brown Spots and Wrinkles. How much did your skin (really) age last summer ? What do you do now?
Did you know that Sun exposure is the most common cause of skin damage, brown spots and wrinkling (really) not kidding! 
Reverse the sun damage with the J.Nicole 2-Step Skincare 
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Signs of skin damage: 
Dry, flakey, red, rash, irritated, itchy, gray, dull, lifeless, uneven tone and complexion, puppy dog mouth, lines and wrinkles especially around eyes and mouth, dry scaley patches that can be cancerous. Is this you after the summer?  
Now that Summer is over it is time to reverse the damage!  Here are the 7 products that can be used to reverse the SUN DAMAGE:
1. Exfoliator
2. Hydrator
3. Lightener 
4. Retinol
5. Growth Factor
6. Antioxidant 
7. Erythema calming proteins
But wait, 7 products are too expensive and complicated!
Reverse the sun damage with the J.Nicole 2-Step Skincare 
J.Nicole has you covered! We have all 7 ingredients in our 2 Step Skin System and we are giving you the 2 step skin care for only $39 (sale ends 9/16/19) 
Reverse the sun damage with the J.Nicole 2-Step Skincare 
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Step 1: Moon Soap 
Step 2 : J.Nicole Face Serum 
(sale ends 9/16/19)
J.Nicole The first skincare routine you can (really) commit to.  
We are all getting older, but you don’t have to LOOK older!  
It can take 30 years for skin damage to show up and when it does, you can have wrinkles, age spots, acne, rosacea, erythema, sensitivtiy, and pre-cancer (AKA's) and skin cancer.
Reverse the sun damage with the J.Nicole 2-Step Skincare 
How does it work?  J.Nicole 2: Step Skincare:

-AHA Exfoliator 99% pure Azelaic Acid - The Sunflower Power active ingredient! A natural clarifying & brightening plant antioxidant that aids in cell turnover, restores skin radiance & minimizing dark spots, treats rosacea and reactive skin.

-AHA Exfoliator Lactic Acid - A Mild exfoliator & hydrator that visibly improves dry, dehydrated, damaged & polluted skin. Reduces fine lines & wrinkles, enlarged pores, age spots & perfectly preps skin for makeup

-Antioxidant Vitamin B3 Niacinamide - Energizes skin, increases firmness, reduces brown spots & creates a radiant & youthful look & feel *can cause an initial “flushing” for beginners, which is normal, it increases blood flow to correct damage skin cells! *NO PAIN NO GAIN PEOPLE!

-Antioxidant Pro-Vitamin B5 DexPanthenol Moisturizer -smoothes fine lines & Wrinkles, normalizies skin’s moisture levels.

-Bio-Fermented Polysaccharides Moisturizer -Reduces redness & irritation, soothes, protects,  creates calm & balanced skin.

-Vitamin A Retinol Antioxidant - creates an abundance of fresh, healthy cells.  Smoothes, plumps, brightens, and activates collagen.

-Bakuchiol (Sytenol-A) Antioxidant -anti-aging, anti-inflam-aging & antibacterial. Treats psoriasis, acne, bacteria, infections & UV sensitivity. Refines skin texture, revitalizing cells & finishing with a dewy, youthful & healthy glow.


 J.Nicole continues to work against those damaging UV rays. We use Bakuchiol, which binds to the top layer of keratin skin cells forming a barrier of protection against the sun and reduces anti-cancer activity. I still always recommend an SPF at least 15 or higher.

 ORDER YOUR 2-step skin care HERE: 


 ORDER YOUR 2-step skin care HERE: 

(sale ends 9/16/19)